Howell Rotary Club was chartered on May 5, 1924 with 17 members and their first principle project being with crippled children. The club has grown over the years and taken on many projects. Some larger visual projects would be the restrooms and large pavilion at Howell City Park (now called Schofield Park), the gazebo at West Street Park, and the large bronze statue of Duane Zemper (Zemp) on the lawn of the Howell Carnegie Library. Our current large events are Tour de Livingston where the funds raised support Livingston County United Way Emergency Basic Needs. As well as the selling of Howell Melon Ice Cream every year during the Howell Melon Festival. This once a year treat supports all the things that our club does through out the year. Such as Scholarships, Literacy, Scout Troops, Leadership Camps for Youth, Howell High School Interact Club, International Youth Exchange just to name a few.

Howell Rotary meets Monday’s at noon and you are welcome to join us anytime. We meet in the Howell Public Schools Administration Building 411 N Highlander Way Road. Join us for lunch and fellowship!